Ruralite Calendar

I’m very proud of this photo. I went out to McDowell Creek County Park way too early on a fall morning. It turns out it takes the sun a while to breach the foothills on its low trajectory. I did wait around, however, and I was treated to this beautiful scene. The filtered light through the far trees is delicious, the long exposure of the water creamy, and the texture and color of the fall leaves are splendid. This is the result of a lot of time and effort honing my photography skills.

I entered this into the running for a spot in the Ruralite 2021 calendar and won a spot! My photo can be found on the October page. I am humbly honored. If you’d like a calendar, click here. If you like this picture and want one for yourself, come down to Linn County Arts Guild Gifts and Gallery store, where I have it mounted and as prints. Alternatively, it can be purchased here.