Newport, Oregon

Yesterday I took an impromptu trip to Newport, Oregon. It’s relatively close, and I’d been craving a trip to the beach. I didn’t know what I would get, it being winter in Oregon. As I got there, the sun disappeared behind the thick marine layer of clouds, but at least it wasn’t windy, cold, or raining. (Yet)

I’m always drawn to the marina. I walked down to the docks and wandered slowly around, taking in the giant vessels creaking and groaning against the dock as the water moved them around. It was all a bit much for someone with a tendency toward motion sickness, but it was a good immersive experience all the same. So here I am, gradually making my way down the dock. Snap, snap, get my bearings as everything moves around me, the dock gently swaying under me. Snap, snap some more. Repeat.

As I walked down the dock, I would pass people. A couple of guys said, “Did you come to take a picture of the poor people?” I didn’t quite know what to make of that. I was just there to take pictures of the boats. There were a lot of boats on this day, and they were all loaded up with crab pots.

At the end of the dock I met a guy and asked him if one of the boats was his. No, but he knew the owner of one and told me all about how the fishermen were waiting around for the price of crab to be settled. They were currently in negotiations. Oh! Now I understood the comment. The market for crab has been affected by the impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry, causing a delay to crabbing season and a loss of income for the fishermen. The ripple effects are large. I hope as I type this they are getting closer to getting back to work.

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