Weekly Wanderings

Living in the mid Willamette Valley of Oregon, I am surrounded by agriculture. I can often be found on the roadside taking photos of baby lambs, beehives, tractors, and old barns. On this day, I found myself in Halsey, trying to capture the pigeons as they circled the broken top of the remains of the old wooden grain elevator. That turned out to be an exercise in frustration, as I was hoping for the swirl of birds to pass in formation just to the side of the wooden structure. It turns out pigeons are either not mind readers or not very cooperative.

I did capture a few shots of the old structure before I moved on. The afternoon sun was casting a warm glow on the wooden planks, exposed after the removal of the sheeting. I like the look of the metal chutes juxtaposed with the wood pattern, and it really pops in black and white. This will look really nice on a metal print.

Textures and Patterns

I uploaded some of my photos to Zazzle the other day to create cell phone cases. My daughter suggested making more of the close up textures. Here’s what I came up with. After adding them to Zazzle, I uploaded them to Redbubble as well, which automatically puts them on assorted products. I was surprised at how much I liked the simple patterns on various items. Zazzle only lets you create one item at a time, so it’s more of a guessing game as to what customers might be interested in. I like cell phone cases and notebooks, so I start there. These are a few items from the Redbubble automatic products that I liked. If you click on any link, you will go to that item’s page, but you will also be able to see the image on other items as well.

One of the reasons I love print on demand is the ability to print my photography on more than just wall art. As an artist who spends a lot of time creating, then a lot more time (and money) creating physical items to hang at the gallery, this is a nice option. It frees me up to do what I love, which is taking the actual pictures.

Have you purchased items from a print on demand site? What did you think?

PoD and Flying Swans

I’ve been playing around on print on demand sites for a few years. My lack of devotion to the business side of photography has been reflected in minimal online sales. As a photographer, I’m more likely to grab my camera and go than I am to sit down at the computer and muddle through the business side of things. This year has brought with it an increased focus on making print on demand work for me. On the one hand, I don’t like not having the physical product in front of me, though I do print out my photos for sale at the Linn County Arts Guild Gifts and Gallery store. On the other hand, it’s nice to not have inventory that people aren’t necessarily interested in. It’s not printed until you want it.

I’ve recently sold a framed photo and a canvas print through Fine Art America. I checked in with these customers, who are pleased with their purchases. Please note that on Fine Art America you can choose mats, frame design, and even the paper the photo is printed on. I’ve taken the liberty of making suggestions for some of my photos based on what I print out for the gallery. (I’m into fine art photography on watercolor paper.)

Please take a look at my stores. If you happen to visit, please drop me a comment and let me know what you think. If there’s something you would like to see or if there’s a hiccup in my store, please let me know. It’s a work in progress. (But a labor of love at the same time.) And it’s always a thrill when someone likes my art enough to buy it. We independent artists treasure our patrons! Thanks for taking an interest in my art.


Tundra swans in flight at Ridgefield NWR

My latest photo expeditions have been to Ridgefield NWR and Findley NWR. I’m taken with the swans! Last year I found them in a field, but they were much too far away. Recently I discovered them when I finally made it to Ridgefield’s auto tour route, and yesterday at Findley. I love to see them in flight!

Here’s a little information I’ve found. Tundra swans make up most of the swans with black beaks and feet at the refuges. They have beaks that have a slight scoop and they usually have a yellow marking on their bill near the eye. Trumpeter swans have a straight bill and may have a red marking at the mouth. Trumpeters are larger than tundra swans. Both are elegant and beautiful both on the water and in flight. I will be posting trumpeter swan photos in the near future.

This photo can be purchased on Fine Art America as a print or as an embellishment on a number of items. It can be found on my Zazzle store on a limited number of items.

Thanks for visiting!

More Notebooks

I’ve added more notebooks to my store. Some of these have text that can be customized. That means if you don’t like what I’ve put on the front of them, you can change it on Zazzle. That’s one of the cool things about this print on demand site. Thanks for looking! I’ll get back to posting new photos soon.

Thank you for supporting independent artists!

Nature Notebooks

In addition to the flower notebooks I posted yesterday, I have some outdoorsy nature scenes as well. If you are interested, the link should take you directly to the item. Thanks for looking!

Floral Notebooks

Are you a writer looking for a beautiful notebook to write in? Do you need a gift? I’ve just uploaded some of my photos onto notebooks. Take a look!

Cell Phone Cases

I’ve spent the morning creating cell phone cases from my photos on Zazzle. Take a look! I’ve linked the Case Mate versions, but these are available in Speck and Otterbox as well.

California Redwoods and Rhododendron iPhone 12 Case
Redwood Forest

Rustic Western Themed Wagon Wheel and Shed iPhone 12 Pro Case
Rustic Wagon Wheel and Shed
Ocean Wave iPhone 12 Case
Ocean Wave

Oregon Forest Hiking Trail iPhone 12 Case
Oregon forest hiking trail

Colorful Hot Air Balloons Close Up iPhone 12 Case
Hot air balloons
Beautiful Long Exposure of a Mountain Stream iPhone 12 Case
Mountain stream

Orange Tulips on a Sunny Day iPhone 12 Case
Orange tulips

Droplets on Pink Tulips Close Up iPhone 12 Case
Close up of pink tulips
Black and White Shasta Daisy Close Up iPhone 12 Case
Close up of Shasta daisy in black and white

Cresting Ocean Wave iPhone 12 Case
Close up of an ocean wave

Oregon Pacific Ocean Sunset iPhone 12 Pro Case
Oregon coast sunset
Oregon Coast Sunset iPhone 11 Case
Oregon coast sunset