To New Beginnings

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year. May you be safe, happy, and find whatever success means to you. This picture represents my attitude toward this new beginning. Let’s all just rise above the disaster that was 2020.

I took this picture on a foggy morning out at Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge near Albany, Oregon. I am not a bird photographer. It’s a work in progress. Though I’ve tried, my current long lens isn’t nearly long enough, and they move so darn fast! Add to that the contrast of a bright sky. Not my area of expertise.


(If you do want to see some stunning bird photography, check out Jenny Bowlden!)

No, I was just out practicing before my shift at the gallery. The fog was as thick as it gets, and only the closest birds showed up. I shot them standing. I shot them flying. I shot little ones in the trees and geese and herons in the shallow water. Then I got this shot. I was so excited. The combination of the fog (which I had been cursing), the extension of the heron as it lifted off, and the reflection on the water created an image that I love. I hope you like it too.

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