Weekday Wanderings

I drove around the back roads close to home yesterday. I must have hit clock-out time for the forest crew, who were all barreling down the narrow gravel road at a gazillion miles per hour. Thank God for small pull-outs. They were a friendly bunch, waving as they sped by.

There was not much to photograph where I was. A bobcat ran down the road in front of my car, but was spooked back into the forest. There were a couple of streams running by the side of the road, but I was hesitant to get out for fear of getting plowed over by the forest crew. (Who I’m sure would have administered first aid. They seemed like a nice bunch.)

I did pass this stream flowing through an alder stand. I love mossy alders in winter. I’d been looking for a scene like this. I passed by on my return trip out of the forest. (Traffic had slowed to an occasional truck.) I got a few shots in before the sun completely went behind a hill. What do you think?

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More Notebooks

I’ve added more notebooks to my store. Some of these have text that can be customized. That means if you don’t like what I’ve put on the front of them, you can change it on Zazzle. That’s one of the cool things about this print on demand site. Thanks for looking! I’ll get back to posting new photos soon.

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Nature Notebooks

In addition to the flower notebooks I posted yesterday, I have some outdoorsy nature scenes as well. If you are interested, the link should take you directly to the item. Thanks for looking!

Cell Phone Cases

I’ve spent the morning creating cell phone cases from my photos on Zazzle. Take a look! I’ve linked the Case Mate versions, but these are available in Speck and Otterbox as well.

California Redwoods and Rhododendron iPhone 12 Case
Redwood Forest

Rustic Western Themed Wagon Wheel and Shed iPhone 12 Pro Case
Rustic Wagon Wheel and Shed
Ocean Wave iPhone 12 Case
Ocean Wave

Oregon Forest Hiking Trail iPhone 12 Case
Oregon forest hiking trail

Colorful Hot Air Balloons Close Up iPhone 12 Case
Hot air balloons
Beautiful Long Exposure of a Mountain Stream iPhone 12 Case
Mountain stream

Orange Tulips on a Sunny Day iPhone 12 Case
Orange tulips

Droplets on Pink Tulips Close Up iPhone 12 Case
Close up of pink tulips
Black and White Shasta Daisy Close Up iPhone 12 Case
Close up of Shasta daisy in black and white

Cresting Ocean Wave iPhone 12 Case
Close up of an ocean wave

Oregon Pacific Ocean Sunset iPhone 12 Pro Case
Oregon coast sunset
Oregon Coast Sunset iPhone 11 Case
Oregon coast sunset

McDowell Creek Falls

Tucked away in the Cascades foothills between Lebanon and Sweet Home, Oregon, past fields of filberts and blueberries and quietly grazing livestock is a beautiful county park. McDowell Creek Park is situated on a curvy country road. The park boasts a 1.6 mile loop trail, though most people just do an out and back hike to see the waterfalls. The rest of the hike winds around through the forest and takes you out at the top of Royal Terrace Falls before descending down a steep stone staircase.

Near Majestic Falls there is a bridge and stair system that is beautiful its simplicity. It spans the creek, edges out to a viewpoint of the falls, and winds up the rock face to another viewpoint at the top. From here you can choose to continue your hike up and around or double back.

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North Fork Middle Fork Willamette River

A couple of weeks ago, I drove to Westfir to see Office Covered Bridge and take some pictures. When I got there, it was still too light for the Christmas lights, so I drove up the Aufderheide along the North Fork Middle Fork of the Willamette River. It’s beautiful up there. I was able to take some photos before the sun made its early winter descent. Here are a couple of my shots.

Do you have a favorite river?




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To New Beginnings

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year. May you be safe, happy, and find whatever success means to you. This picture represents my attitude toward this new beginning. Let’s all just rise above the disaster that was 2020.

I took this picture on a foggy morning out at Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge near Albany, Oregon. I am not a bird photographer. It’s a work in progress. Though I’ve tried, my current long lens isn’t nearly long enough, and they move so darn fast! Add to that the contrast of a bright sky. Not my area of expertise.


(If you do want to see some stunning bird photography, check out Jenny Bowlden!)

No, I was just out practicing before my shift at the gallery. The fog was as thick as it gets, and only the closest birds showed up. I shot them standing. I shot them flying. I shot little ones in the trees and geese and herons in the shallow water. Then I got this shot. I was so excited. The combination of the fog (which I had been cursing), the extension of the heron as it lifted off, and the reflection on the water created an image that I love. I hope you like it too.

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