Sweet Home

I’m going to be making some souvenir magnets for a shop in Sweet Home, so I spent my Super Bowl Sunday driving around this cute little town, shooting the Weddle Bridge and Sankey Park’s log house. I haven’t spent much time in Sweet Home, other than stopping for ice cream after a hike or a day at the lake or grabbing a quick snack at Safeway, so it was fun to wander around and explore. And what a beautiful day! I also checked out the area beneath the dam and finished the day out as the clouds gathered over Foster Lake. If you’re ever in the area, spend a little time checking out this great little town.

Harris Covered Bridge

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Harris Covered Bridge is located in Benton County, Oregon, west of Corvallis on Highway 20. It’s registered as having been built in the 30s, but locals say it was actually built in 1929. Indeed, that is what is on the plaque.

Situated on a quiet country road, Harris Covered Bridge is used to this day. It’s a one lane Howe truss bridge, 75 feet in length, spanning Mary’s River.