PoD and Flying Swans

I’ve been playing around on print on demand sites for a few years. My lack of devotion to the business side of photography has been reflected in minimal online sales. As a photographer, I’m more likely to grab my camera and go than I am to sit down at the computer and muddle through the business side of things. This year has brought with it an increased focus on making print on demand work for me. On the one hand, I don’t like not having the physical product in front of me, though I do print out my photos for sale at the Linn County Arts Guild Gifts and Gallery store. On the other hand, it’s nice to not have inventory that people aren’t necessarily interested in. It’s not printed until you want it.

I’ve recently sold a framed photo and a canvas print through Fine Art America. I checked in with these customers, who are pleased with their purchases. Please note that on Fine Art America you can choose mats, frame design, and even the paper the photo is printed on. I’ve taken the liberty of making suggestions for some of my photos based on what I print out for the gallery. (I’m into fine art photography on watercolor paper.)

Please take a look at my stores. If you happen to visit, please drop me a comment and let me know what you think. If there’s something you would like to see or if there’s a hiccup in my store, please let me know. It’s a work in progress. (But a labor of love at the same time.) And it’s always a thrill when someone likes my art enough to buy it. We independent artists treasure our patrons! Thanks for taking an interest in my art.


Tundra swans in flight at Ridgefield NWR

My latest photo expeditions have been to Ridgefield NWR and Findley NWR. I’m taken with the swans! Last year I found them in a field, but they were much too far away. Recently I discovered them when I finally made it to Ridgefield’s auto tour route, and yesterday at Findley. I love to see them in flight!

Here’s a little information I’ve found. Tundra swans make up most of the swans with black beaks and feet at the refuges. They have beaks that have a slight scoop and they usually have a yellow marking on their bill near the eye. Trumpeter swans have a straight bill and may have a red marking at the mouth. Trumpeters are larger than tundra swans. Both are elegant and beautiful both on the water and in flight. I will be posting trumpeter swan photos in the near future.

This photo can be purchased on Fine Art America as a print or as an embellishment on a number of items. It can be found on my Zazzle store on a limited number of items.

Thanks for visiting!