Weekly Wanderings

Living in the mid Willamette Valley of Oregon, I am surrounded by agriculture. I can often be found on the roadside taking photos of baby lambs, beehives, tractors, and old barns. On this day, I found myself in Halsey, trying to capture the pigeons as they circled the broken top of the remains of the old wooden grain elevator. That turned out to be an exercise in frustration, as I was hoping for the swirl of birds to pass in formation just to the side of the wooden structure. It turns out pigeons are either not mind readers or not very cooperative.

I did capture a few shots of the old structure before I moved on. The afternoon sun was casting a warm glow on the wooden planks, exposed after the removal of the sheeting. I like the look of the metal chutes juxtaposed with the wood pattern, and it really pops in black and white. This will look really nice on a metal print.

Harris Covered Bridge

Art Prints

Harris Covered Bridge is located in Benton County, Oregon, west of Corvallis on Highway 20. It’s registered as having been built in the 30s, but locals say it was actually built in 1929. Indeed, that is what is on the plaque.

Situated on a quiet country road, Harris Covered Bridge is used to this day. It’s a one lane Howe truss bridge, 75 feet in length, spanning Mary’s River.